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"Surviving 3 massive heart attacks at 29 and 30 years old, a hate crime, and transitioning over a decade ago when the world was an even more hostile environment, I am not merely living. I am thriving, and thankful for every moment I get to make and share my art."


- Vittorio "Wyatt" Gray  

Wyatt Gray began acting at the age of 2 when he won a beauty pageant in his native Orange County, California. This led to acting and modeling classes, training at the prestigious South Coast Repertory, and print modeling gigs throughout childhood. His first paid voice over role was a radio spot for a waste management company at the age of 11. Since moving to Los Angeles on the day he turned 18, and completing a grueling transformation, Wyatt has been seen in many national commercials, feature films, viral videos that have been viewed millions of times, and has even made appearances on television. In 2018 he became a proud Taft College Cougar while quadruple majoring in Liberal Arts: Business and Technology, Art and Humanities, History, and Communications. He graduated with honors. In 2020, he became a member of Sigma Alpha Pi. Focusing mostly on film and voice over these days, Wyatt Gray continues to select roles that will exhilarate, educate, and entertain. 

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