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CONSULTING - First Hand Knowledge From a First Hand Perspective:


Vittorio "Wyatt" Gray, having been a consultant in a corporate capacity, and for media giants on issues relating to the Faith Based, LGBTQ, and BIPOC communities is furthering his consulting footprint by offering services including, but not limited to: Public Speaking, On Set Intimacy Coordination/Coaching, Script Reviewing, and Being Available to guide filmmakers, studios, and talent through all realms relating to diversity and sensitivity. 


He is currently producing and directing his first Feature Length Film entitled, "Miracle:  in Tafticopa", which is currently in post-production. 

Christian, Inspirational, Faith Based Movie. If Marta wants to save her family's restaurant, its gonna take faith. After her father dies, she moves in with her immigrant grandparents and helps them run their restaurant. The problem is, business is slow during the pandemic, and the bank wants their money now or the family will be evicted, and the restaurant lost. A chance meeting with a rock star last year, plus his promise, and a community that wants to help might be able to raise the money, but it will take a true miracle from God to pull this off. "Let your faith guide the way." Enjoy the scenic route through oil fields, friendship, orchards, and Small Town USA while listening to an original score, and a heartfelt sermon from Pastor Antonio (Arthur Roberts) that just might save the day.

©BoiWyatt Productions 

He has also signed on as an Executive Producer for the feature film"Bob N Weave" by Nancy Bellany which was picked up for distribution by Maverick Entertainment, who he worked with previously on "Prodigal Husband". He also acts in the film, playing the eccentric role of Jafeer. 

"This film is near and dear to my heart because it is the first feature film I have ever written, directed, and produced. I have an amazing cast, diverse and beautiful, and I get to incorporate my Christian background and faith in God in my art. I am very proud and thankful for my cast, and proud that we were able to complete this feature film during the pandemic with no backing from Hollywood. This is our film. This is my offering."

miracle the milagro in tafticopa poster vittorio wyatt gray


In addition to writing the screenplay, he is also writing the companion book entitled, "The Girl, The Rocker, and the Town", a novelette that goes deeper into the lives of the characters from the film. 

He also has a library of multiple TV series and completed feature film scripts that he has written that are available for licensing, development, and collaboration, and the list is ever expanding as he continues to write the characters and worlds as they come to his mind's eye. 

Voice over and gaming:

Vittorio Wyatt Gray has been cast as the voice of Eternity, a new fabulous character in the Street Fighter franchise. Eternity debuts in Street Fighter 6 as the host of the Battle Hub, and introduces the players to the game.

In the Battle Hub players can customize their own avatar and select from a range of personalized options with levels of self expression that reach new heights, and Eternity serves as their approving voice of inclusion.

"It is an honor voicing Eternity and bringing such an important character to life. Thank you Capcom for such an amazing opportunity and for recognizing the importance of representation. Welcome to the world of Street Fighter!"

- Vittorio Wyatt Gray

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